NBA Players Poll: Reggie Evans is the Dirtiest Player

According the always fun annual poll of NBA players from SI (118 of them took part in the questionnaire this season), Reggie Evans is considered the dirtiest player in the L: “Who is the dirtiest player in the NBA? Reggie Evans, Clippers PF 37%, Kevin Garnett, Celtics PF 9%, Metta World Peace, Lakers SF 9%, Jeff Foster 5%, Chris Paul, Clippers PG 4% […] Foster retired on March 21…. Bobcats SG Gerald Henderson also received 4% of the vote…. The poll was completed before World Peace went all Ron Artest on Thunder G James Harden on Sunday, concussing Harden with a celebratory elbow and earning himself an ejection and probable suspension…. Kings C DeMarcus Cousins leads the NBA with 249 personal fouls but did not receive a single mention. Meanwhile, Evans is tied for 127th in the league with 117 PFs…. In a separate poll of NBAers, the trio of Evans, Garnett and World Peace (tied with Sasha Vujacic, who now plays in Turkey) were deemed the league’s most ‘annoying’ players.”