NBA Rookies Think Jabari Parker Will Win Rookie of the Year

by August 06, 2014

Based on the results from an poll this week of 38 first-year ballers during the annual Rookie Photo Shoot, it’s clear who most think will be at the top of the 2014-’15 class. Jabari Parker is, far and away, the Rookie of the Year favorite among his contemporaries:

Jabari Parker received the most votes overall. His peers think he’s the pick to win the Kia NBA Rookie of the Year and also the best bet to have a great career. The rooks also told us what will be the biggest adjustment as they join the NBA and who their favorite player is.


Worth noting: “He has a complete overall game,” one rookie said of Parker. “And he’s always in an attack mind set.”


1: Jabari Parker, Milwaukee — 52.8 percent
T-2: Doug McDermott, Chicago — 8.3 percent
Andrew Wiggins, Cleveland — 8.3 percent
T-4: Shabazz Napier, Miami — 5.6 percent
Nerlens Noel, Philadelphia — 5.6 percent
Elfrid Payton, Orlando — 5.6 percent
Others receiving votes: Aaron Gordon, Orlando; Rodney Hood, Utah; Julius Randle, L.A. Lakers; Marcus Smart, Boston; T.J. Warren, Phoenix
Last year: C.J. McCollum & Victor Oladipo — 24.2 percent