NBAers React to Blake Griffin’s Dunk on Kendrick Perkins

by January 31, 2012


Here’s the sequence of events that transpired Monday night: A.) Blake Griffin dunks all over Kendrick Perkins, completing his best dunk since the Timofey Mozgov incident, or, perhaps, ever. B.) Millions of NBA fans rush to Twitter, causing things like “Mozgov” “Kendrick Perkins” and “Shawn Kemp” (yeah, we don’t know) to trend worldwide. C.) Amongst those millions of NBA fans are a couple dozen NBA players, all of whom had wrapped up their games earlier or had the night off altogether. They send tweets not unlike those of the average fan. To paraphrase: “OMG BLAKE GRIFFIN!!!!!1!” D.) We compile all of those NBAers’ best reactions to form a tweetcap, which can be viewed by rolling through the gallery above. Enjoy.