Nellie Punishes the Warriors

by January 04, 2010

Don Nelson may seem out of it most of the time, but the Bud Light-loving old man has a mean streak in him. It comes out when the team gives less than 100% effort: “Nelson went after his team today, turning what was initially scheduled to be an off day into a grueling two-hour practice. They ran a bunch of defensive drills, including taxing one-on-one post-up defense drills (one player would have to guard each player in the group consecutively, one-on-one in the post). They even ran a three-man weave. The players were visibly feeling it. A few balls were slammed, a few expletives were shouted in frustration … During practice, he went off on them about his disappointment, two players told me. He shared some of his frustrations during his post-practice interview: ‘So, what made you torture the team today? They deserved it.'”