NEW BLOG: This is Why It’s Hott

By Konate Primus

This is the debut blog post of Konate Primus, SLAM Editorial Assistant

Its spring time and you must have these in your closet!

The weather is looking nice once again and it seems to be here for good, so throw the snorkels and leathers to the back of the closet. Now its time to step your spring game up and guess who’s gonna show you how to do this?

This is perfect for Going out to the Club on a 60degree night. Light weight and comfortable blazer, it has a denim look to it but its actually quite soft and has the ability to stretch a l’il bit. This is a must cop because blazers are timeless. They will always be around no matter if its ’97 or ’07. The Ergonomic Blazer by PF Flyers is straight out the out the oven! Go get it.

Real men don’t wear pink! They wear a peach Harington Jacket by PF Flyers, this one I’m feeling a lot. Normally I wouldn’t rock these colors but u could just look at it and sort of feel where I’m coming from. This jacket is hard! This one is for the flashy crowd. It’s more of the trendy thing right now with the all over print, but hey I’m feeling it even though the color way is pretty soft. I guarantee you when you put this together correct the haters gonna need first aid.

PF Flyers really came out with some hott stuff this spring, expect big things from them in ’07.

This joint right here is flyy. Now I know your thinking damn this s–t is bright, and what the hell am I supposed to rock this with? Slow your roll, I’m gonna show you right now. I’m feeling this jacket for one reason and no its not cause I like to make an entrance and wear violently bright colors. Its because my good friends at Nike have a new highlighter pack coming out that would got so sweet with this jacket.

You feel me now?

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