New Orleans, prepare yourself…

by February 11, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

Last night I attended the viewing of a film about some people leaving the safe routine of their daily lives to head into a territory known for chaos. It was much like what Lang, Ben, Khalid, and myself are preparing to do as we gear up for New Orleans.

The film was the new Rambo. If you’re familiar with the Rambo saga, you know it’s all about a guy who did horrible things to others and his own soul in Vietnam, was tortured by his captors, which turns him into a one-man war machine. I felt the same thing happening to myself just sitting there watching the movie. It is EXTREMELY VIOLENT.

Spoiler alert: Lots of limbs getting blown off, bullets through brains, arrows through faces, swords through necks, hands through throats(!), and a baby being casually tossed into a fire.

And of course, it’s Stallone back in his second-best character, a man of few words, that John Rambo. The money quote of the movie, which you should know from the trailer is “You bringing any weapons? No? Then you ain’t changing anything.”

Me and my friends were jumping out of our seats, laughing, high-fiving, indulging in smoked cheddar popcorn with peanut M&Ms sprinkled in (The Rambo of movie snacks), screaming out “Oh!” It was the feel good movie of the winter!

And so… the men of the SLAM in-house editorial staff get ready to head to New Orleans for All-Star Weekend. Should be the same kind of fun.

This week we have to do the prep work for the site, and we will have the same all-out coverage as last year from Vegas. Be afraid. The games, the parties, the random sightings, the new banner, the incoherent cab drivers, the schmoozing with PR people, the staged events… I’m excited. You should be too. I learned from mistakes made in Vegas last year, just some logisitical stuff that will go much smoother this time around. We’ll see.

Note: There is no parallel between Burma and any part of Louisiana. Despite the accusations of the U.S. Government turning a deaf ear or mishandling the resources after Katrina, trust me… Burma is not a place you ever want to be. Unless Rambo is your tour guide. I wish he were coming with us to New Orleans…