New Website Connects Players With Teams

by December 16, 2010

by David Cassilo / @dcassilo

getpro-tagYou can find a job online, find a date online and find a long lost friend from elementary school online, so it was only a matter of time before you could find a basketball team online. is providing a medium to connect players, teams, scouts and agents, simplifying the process of beginning or continuing a pro basketball career.

“GetPro is a website that allows players to build a profile of themselves and get seen by coaches, agents and scouts worldwide at any level of basketball,” says Stephan Eyeson, the site’s founder.  “So a player from the UK or France can sign up as a player and state they what to play college ball in the states and a college basketball coach or scout can see him/her on the site and message him/her through the site. It works as simple as that.”

Eyeson, a former basketball player in the United Kingdom and Europe, noticed from his playing days that many players wanted to find a team but didn’t have the connections or even know who to talk to in the first place. With his website, everything you need is now in one place.

While the website is still in its infancy stages, it has begun to find places for players to land.

“Most players have been taken to Europe and also college and prep schools in the States,” says Eyeson.

The website aims to help every player worldwide. For example, a player in China can get exposure in the United States, and a player in the United States can get exposure in China.

The site works like many social networking sites. A player can post videos and pictures of themselves on the website and can directly respond to messages from coaches, scouts or agents.

GetPro doesn’t have affiliations to any specific leagues but does offer a chance to be seen by many different leagues.

“We have pro coaches signing up from the D-league to European pro level,” says Eyeson.

Eventually, the hope is that the website will provide a chance for any player and any league, coach or scout in the world to be able to contact each other. It is another attempt to help globalize the game of basketball.

“We are aiming to be the biggest portal for basketball players worldwide and place where players come and get seen on a bigger scale and follow their dreams much easier through using our site,” says Eyeson.