New York Knicks Bringing Back Jared Jeffries

by December 07, 2011

Memories of Jared Jeffries’ epic gaffe in last season’s Playoffs won’t go away for Knicks fans, as the team is expected to re-sign the forward. Per Newsday: “Jared Jeffries constantly is reminded of the pain that lasted the entire offseason. It was, to some Knicks fans, his Charles Smith moment: The failure of the 6-11 forward to power up for what seemed to be a textbook drop-step finish in the closing seconds of a 96-93 loss to the Celtics in Game 2 of the playoffs. ‘I’ve watched that play a ton of times,’ Jeffries said. ‘I feel like I don’t want that to define what I am as a Knick or what I did in my Knick career. I know I let a lot of people down, but no one more so than myself.’ With that motivation, Jeffries wanted to come back to try again. Despite better offers elsewhere, he plans to accept a one-year contract from the Knicks for the veteran’s minimum once the official free-agency signing period begins this weekend. ‘Honestly, I want to win in New York,’ Jeffries said. ‘I feel last year we were very close.’ Mike D’Antoni has developed a strong affinity for Jeffries’ versatility, especially on defense.”