NFL an Option for Nate Robinson?

Sure, Nate is an incredible athlete and trains year-round, but is he good enough to go pro in another sport? Hoopsworld reports: “Robinson wants to prove that he has NFL potential and expects to try out for a team in the coming weeks. ‘I mean, why not?’ Robinson said. ‘It has always been one of my dreams to play in the NFL and right now, the opportunity is presenting itself so I think it’s pretty much a sign from God. I’m looking forward to trying out, having fun and showing the world that, as long as you put your mind to it, you can play any sport you want. Even if you’re a professional in one sport, you can play another one too.’ After tweeting back and forth with Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll last week, Robinson is more excited than ever to explore his NFL options. With that said, he has yet to try out for the team or even scheduled a date to showcase his talents. If things don’t work out with the Seahawks, Robinson would also be open to playing for the Oakland Raiders or Philadelphia Eagles.”