Nick Young: Gilbert Arenas Got ‘That Kobe Treatment on His Knees’

by February 02, 2012

When asked about his buddy and former teammate Gilbert Arenas, who has recently drawn interest from the Los Angeles Lakers, Nick Young says that Gil’s knees are in great shape these days (after supposedly undergoing similar treatment to Kobe Bryant.) From Truth About It: “After Monday’s Wizards-Bulls game, I spoke with Nick Young, a good friend of Arenas, about how his former teammate was doing and about his prospects of joining the Lakers. You said you talk to Gilbert just about every day. How is he doing? Is he just down in Orlando working out? ‘Yea, he’s been working out. He said he got the — I don’t know if I’m supposed to say this — but he got that Kobe treatment on his knees’ … This past June, Kobe Bryant underwent treatment on his knee in Germany. Orthokine Therapy, developed by German doctor Dr. Peter Wehling, also a former physician to Pope John Paul II, involves ‘centrifuging the patients blood and using the serum as an anti-inflammatory drug.’ Tracy McGrady reportedly introduced Wehling to Bryant, who in turn recommended the therapy to Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees. In addition to a clinic in Germany, Wehling is said to have a small outpost in Los Angeles. ‘Yea, yea… you could say it’s the Kobe System, but he said it feels great, his knees feel great, and he’s been working out. When I seen him last time, he looked like he was in shape. He lost a lot of weight.’ When did you last see him? ‘When we went to Orlando the last time we played [the Wizards played the Magic on Orlando on January 4], so he looked like he was in good shape.’ The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly interested in Arenas, have you talked to him about playing for both of you guys’ hometown team? ‘Oh yea, oh yea … most definitely. That’s a big thing for him. That’d be real big for the Lakers to add him to their team because they need a guard. They’re young… without [Derek] Fisher on the court – [Darius] Morris, I think — they’re real young at the guard spot.’ Any other teams that he might fit in with? ‘I really don’t know, I just heard really about the Lakers. For him to come back home, that part, I think that would calm him down. I think it’d be good.'”