Nicolas Batum Rejected Blazers’ Contract Extension Offer

by January 26, 2012

Nicolas Batum’s agent used somewhat strong language to describe the breakdown in negotiations between his client and the Portland Trailblazers. Per CSNNW: “The Portland Trail Blazers failed to reach an agreement on a contract extension with forward Nicolas Batum and he’ll become a restricted free agent this summer according to Batum’s agent Bouna Ndiaye. ‘We’re still not talking and we’re not willing to accept the offer the Blazers have proposed,’ Ndiaye said. ‘The game is about to start and we haven’t heard anything. We will not accept the offer that is out there.’ […] ‘When Batum becomes a restricted free agent, we’ll look at the other 29 teams before we talk to the Blazers,’ Batum’s agent Bouna Ndiaye said. ‘The Blazers had their chance.’ Blazers president Larry Miller: ‘Batum’s agent has a right to test the market. We’ve let him know how much we value Batum as a player and a person and we still want him to be part of our organization going forward.'”