Nikola Mirotić Underwent a Hematoma Removal

The Chicago Bulls announced Tuesday night that forward Nikola Mirotić underwent a hematoma removal over the weekend, this after his appendectomy last week.

Mirotić, 24, was expected to return to the Bulls’ lineup following the NBA All-Star Weekend.

He’s putting up averages of 10.6 points and 5.9 rebounds through 44 games.

Per the Chicago Tribune:

Late Tuesday, the Bulls revealed Mirotic needed a hematoma removal over the weekend and “a date for his return will be re-assessed as he continues to recover.” […] Translated: The wait for Mirotic could be longer than first expected.


A hematoma occurs when blood leaks into areas or pools where it doesn’t belong because of damage to an artery, vein or blood vessel wall. An occurrence after appendectomies isn’t ideal but also is not uncommon.


The Bulls have a history of releasing initial timelines that are more optimistic than realistic. The most public example, of course, followed Derrick Rose’s ACL surgery, which stated Rose was expected to return sometime during the 2012-13 season. Rose actually was cleared to test his body further that season if he felt comfortable doing so but Rose declined.