No Sixer Has Winning Record as a Professional

by October 31, 2010

Via the Philly Inquirer’s Kate Fagan, one of the most talented writers on the NBA beat: “Yes, it’s early. Yes, the Sixers have played two very good teams and a decent team on their home court. Yes to all of that. The team is playing hard, which is very nice and at times is easy to fall back on, but essentially this whole thing should be about winning and figuring out a way to build a team that will win. In that vein, Sixers coach Doug Collins offered this statistic after the game (which he said he shared with his team as well): No player on the Sixers roster has a winning record as a professional. That actually struck me as quite amazing. Obviously there are the mainstays that you know don’t have a winning record because they’ve been with the Sixers their entire careers (Andre Iguodala, Thaddeus Young, Lou Williams, etc.), but to think that even the added veterans and transplants (Andres Nocioni, Tony Battie) don’t have winning records is amazing. It’s a statistic that is common sense once you think about it, but still quite representative of the uphill battle this team faces.”