Nuggets Sign Coby Karl

Despite joining his ailing father’s team, Coby doesn’t want anyone to look at this as some kind of sappy feel-good story. From the Denver Post: “Coby Karl knows what will be said. He signed to play for the team that his father, George, coaches. It’s a feel-good story in any year, but even more so this season given the fact that George Karl is recovering from aggressive treatment for throat and neck cancer. Coby gets it. It doesn’t mean he has to like it. And it doesn’t mean when the Nuggets signed the guard on Sunday that they were thinking about reuniting father and son during a difficult time in their family. Basketball, and the business of basketball, is on the minds of both as Coby joins the Nuggets. ‘That was what I didn’t want it to be,’ Coby Karl said. ‘Obviously it’s going to be portrayed that way but I want to be here as a basketball player. I want to be part of the team and hopefully progress to make the team next year and maybe play. So, as a basketball player I just want to be on an NBA court, on an NBA team. Obviously there’s going to be a lot of media spinning it how you want to. But if that’s what helps my father recover, that’s great.’ Mark Warkentien, Nuggets vice president of basketball operations, called Sunday’s transactions that included signing big man Brian Butch, good for possible future moves. The contracts of both are guaranteed through the end of this season, but are non-guaranteed in the summer, which makes them easy pieces to include in any trades.”