Nuggets to Reduce ‘Distracted’ Carmelo Anthony’s Minutes?

Everyone, including players on other teams, wants the saga to mercifully end. It’s not that simple, and according to George Karl, it’s getting to Carmelo’s head which may lead to less playing time. From FanHouse: “Denver coach George Karl said his star forward was ‘very distracted’ during practice Tuesday for one of the few times this season. Karl couldn’t say for sure it was due to trade rumors swirling but did say it could affect Anthony’s playing time. ‘If Melo plays distracted, I can’t play him as many minutes,’ Karl, whose Nuggets play host to Oklahoma City on Wednesday, told FanHouse. ‘I thought he was very distracted (Tuesday)…I don’t know (if it’s because of trade rumors). I don’t have that answer.’ Karl said overall the Nuggets had a very bad practice Tuesday and the team looked distracted, but he was willing to single out Anthony. Karl was asked if Anthony also looked distracted Sunday at San Antonio, when he shot 5 of 17 for 12 points. ‘I didn’t think we played very well, and I thought he was in that category,’ Karl said. Until recently, Karl said Anthony seemingly has not let outside influences bother him as his name continues to get thrown around as the Feb. 24 trade deadline approaches. ‘This has definitely not happened very often,’ Karl said of Anthony being distracted. ‘It’s been very few times.'”