OJ Mayo Claims Energy Drink Caused Positive Test

by January 30, 2011

After getting slapped with a 10-game suspension for testing positive for an over-the-counter supplement, OJ Mayo has an interesting excuse for the whole ordeal. Yahoo! explains: “Memphis Grizzlies guard OJ Mayo says he believes an ‘energy drink’ he bought at a gas station contained the substance that led to his 10-game suspension for violating the NBA’s drug policy. Mayo was jovial and smiling as he spoke about his suspension for the first time Saturday before the Grizzlies’ game against the Washington Wizards, taking questions from reporters on the team’s practice court. But he wouldn’t get too specific.’I didn’t know it had any bad substances in it, and it caused a 10-game suspension,’ Mayo said. ‘It’s not like I went to a GNC and got some Muscle Armor or ordered some supplement off the Internet or anything. It was just a local gas station that kind of got me hemmed up.’