OJ Mayo on Draymond Green: ‘Not A Class Act’

by December 19, 2015

Draymond Green and OJ Mayo had a heated exchange that devolved into some pushing and posturing after the Warriors’ 121-112 win on Friday.

Team security had to get between Green and several Bucks players to break up the confrontation.

Green wouldn’t speak on the incident, but Mayo told reporters that he was standing up for Michael Carter-Williams, who Green called out in the media after Golden State’s lone loss.

“Michael Carter-Williams getting a dunk at the end of the game and looking at our bench,” Green said on Bay Area radio station KNBR. “Like, ‘Dude, you lost your [starting] spot.’ So, it’s not quite common that you should be looking toward someone’s bench yelling. You’ve got some ground to make up.”

Mayo thought Green showed no class by publicly “disrespecting” MCW, and made sure Green got a piece of his mind.

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“I told [Green] he’s a heck of a player, but at the end of the day, that’s my teammate,” Mayo said. “Just respect my teammate as well as we respect you guys, and some things you shouldn’t say in the media. Show your class, you know.”


Mayo continued, saying of Green, “You talk about one guy’s class, and then you go the same route. Not a class act.”