OJ Mayo Stars in ‘The Slump’

by March 23, 2009

Playing in NBA arenas everywhere: “He sat at his locker for several minutes. Motionless. O.J. Mayo’s hands were cupped to hold his head, but parted enough for the Grizzlies’ rookie to stare at the floor. Presumably, Mayo’s deep thoughts centered on making sense of the downward spiral. When Mayo finally moved, his head wagged right and left — a polite way of denying an interview request while maintaining silence. It was a scene that, frankly, summed up Mayo on the court over the past couple of months. Mayo has shaken his head disapprovingly more than he’s celebrated making shots. His game — dynamic, jaw-dropping and incredibly productive earlier in the season — suddenly isn’t making any noise. That is, unless you can hear the sound of people jumping off Mayo’s Rookie of the Year bandwagon.”