Oliver Miller Got 1 Year in Jail for Pistol-Whipping Incident

by February 06, 2012

Former NBA-er Oliver Miller (who hooped for six franchises in the L) learned of his fate this past Friday, after pleading guilty last november to allegations that he pistol-whipped his girlfriend’s brother. The Baltimore Sun reports: “Miller, 41, who was living with his girlfriend in Edgewater, pleaded guilty last fall to first-degree assault and carrying a handgun. ‘I apologize for the wrong I’ve done,’ Miller told Anne Arundel Circuit Judge Paul A. Hackner. He said he is “just a man protecting the people I love.’ The allegations stemmed from a family argument at a cookout April 17 at a friend’s home. Exactly what took place there, and what led Miller and his girlfriend to go to the house of her brother, Jason Worley, and hit him with a handgun, remained unclear. Deputy State’s Attorney Thomas J. Fleckenstein said Miller was seen beating Worley in the street outside the home. Worley needed 11 staples in his head to close the wound. Hackner sentenced Miller to five years in prison, suspending all but the one year, and recommended work release. After his release, Miller will be on probation for five years. Miller’s girlfriend said she would help him look for a job.”