Omri Casspi Wants Peace in the Middle East

While politicians meet up to discuss the issues, Casspi is talking to the youth. From the Sac Bee:  “A few hours before Israeli and Palestinian leaders met in Washington, D.C., Thursday in the latest movement toward peace in the Middle East, Omri Casspi placed himself on the fringes of the conversation. At the Peres Center for Peace youth sports camp Wednesday in Jaffa, Israel, he supervised drills. He answered questions about Kobe Bryant. He scrimmaged with a girls team against a boys squad consisting of Israeli and Palestinian youngsters. Sounding at times like a diplomat and on other occasions like a coach, the Kings’ second-year forward spoke about unity and tolerance. He stressed the cultural, ethnic and political diversity of the Kings. He left the community center, he said, encouraged and better educated. ‘It was really enlightening to see kids from behind the borders, playing basketball with Israeli kids,’ Casspi said on his cell phone from his native Israel. ‘When you see something like this, you realize that it’s true, that basketball can connect people from so many countries.'”