On the road…

by Lang Whitaker

If it’s not one thing it’s another. Last night I got a call from one of
my best friends that his father had passed away. I was already planning
on getting out of NYC this weekend, but the news from my friend made me
hurry things up. At least in theory.

Right now I’m sitting in a full airplane on some runway at LaGuardia.
Sitting. I was supposed to be landing right now, instead we haven’t
taken off. No reason given as yet. And even though I never fly first
class, I found a reasonable rate and booked a first class seat, which in
this case, has turned out to be a brilliant move (free drinks).

At least I can update the website, though.

While I’m thinking about it, wanted to mention for everyone who has
mentioned the font being too small or the colors being too light or
whatever, we’re still tweaking Slamonline and planning to fix what ails
ya. And…

Whoops, gotta go