Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Says Brooklyn Nets Need One More Good Player

by April 23, 2013

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov said that his team needs to attain one more above-average player to compliment Deron Williams and Brook Lopez. The Russian billionaire is sticking to his goal of bringing an NBA title to Brooklyn by 2015. Per Newsday: “One more good player,’ he said during an interview in Moscow last week before traveling to Brooklyn to catch his team’s playoff series. ‘And we need time to make a really strong team.’ P.J. Carlesimo is on board with Prokhorov’s thinking — sort of. Asked Monday night if he concurred with the owner’s assessment, the Nets’ interim coach made sure not to cross his boss while adding a little humor. ‘You think I would disagree with Mr. Prokhorov?’ Carlesimo said, producing laughter from the media. ‘That is an astute statement … Having said that, I love the 15 players that we have now. The league is expanding to 16 [roster spots] next year, so it won’t affect any of the guys currently on the roster. So Mikhail is right … ‘ Prokhorov, who has attended the first two games of the Nets’ playoff series, hasn’t wavered from the bold promise he made a few years ago when he said the Nets will hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy by the time 2015 is over. ‘If we have a great team spirit, great passion, we can beat anyone in the league,’ he said. ‘We are not underdogs, that’s for sure.'”