Pat Riley Says The Miami Heat Are ‘A Team of Young Stars’

by October 06, 2017

Heat president Pat Riley believes that he’s built “a team of young stars” in Miami.

In an interview with SirusXM NBA Radio, Riley added that his goal for Miami’s young players is to “transcend having to have a Big Three.”

“We have a team of young stars. We have some veteran players who are stars.


“Will the internal growth of the team transcend having to have a Big Three, and then that will take care of itself? And then out of that, I can assure you that players will rise up and become noted as stars or All-Stars or superstars.” […]


“What they need to do is to transform and transcend above and beyond having to have a Big Three. And I do think we have the ability to do that internally.”

Pat Riley Says Heat Are Rebuilding, ‘But We’re Going To Do It Fast’