Patrick Ewing: Joel Embiid May Be the Most Talented Center in the NBA

According to Patrick Ewing, Joel Embiid may very well be the NBA’s most talented center.

The Hall of Famer and Hornets assistant coach has been watching tape of the 22-year-old, and is evidently impressed.

Charlotte didn’t have to deal with Embiid on Wednesday night, as the big fella sat out the Sixers’ 109-93 road loss due to planned rest.


“And if you know Patrick, especially at that position, he doesn’t say stuff like that,” (Hornets head coach coach Steve) Clifford said. “I mean, he can shoot. He can put the ball on the floor. He can pass. He’s got a feel for the game. He’s got toughness, size, and strength.


“He’s got exceptional ability. I’m glad that he played last night. [Jahlil] Okafor is hard enough. We don’t need them both.”


Embiid missed the previous two seasons because of surgeries on his right foot. He doesn’t play on back-to-back nights as a way for the Sixers to bring him along slowly. The 7-foot-2, 276-pounder averaged 17.3 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks through three games.