Patrick Ewing ‘Shocked’ Jason Kidd Was Hired as Brooklyn Nets Head Coach

Most NBA players seemed genuinely happy for Jason Kidd when he was named head coach of the Brooklyn Nets last night. Patrick Ewing, who was recently named associate coach in Charlotte, admits that the Kidd news came as a shock to him (and his family as well, evidently). Per the Dan Patrick Show: “Ewing said that he didn’t talk to Michael Jordan directly about the job before he got it. Ewing said Jordan stayed out of it. Ewing said that he will say ‘no’ to Jordan. ‘[Head coach] Steve Clifford will do all the parlaying with Michael,’ Ewing said. ‘When I parlay with Michael it will be on a friendship basis.’ Ewing said he was surprised that Jason Kidd got a head-coaching job so quickly. ‘I was very surprised they gave it to him so early,” Ewing said. “I wish him well and nothing but success. … I was very shocked.'”