Patty Mills Denies Agreement With Turkish Team

by August 05, 2011

On Wednesday, multiple media outlets reported Portland Trail Blazers guard Patty Mills had agreed to play in Turkey during the NBA lockout. Today, Mills and his camp adamantly denied those reports, claiming they are still weighing all their options. Fox Sports Australia has the details: “‘I want to make it clear I have not signed with any team in Turkey,’ Mills said on Friday. ‘I have received offers from teams, but I have not come to any agreements with any team there.’ He said he was also looking at potential offers from the NBL while the NBA season remains on hold over an industrial disagreement. The NBA locked out its players in early July when a collective bargaining agreement ended, throwing the league into labour strife. ‘My intention during this lockout is to look at offers from Europe and Australia,’ he said. ‘I’ve made no decision where I’m going to play during the lockout as of yet, but I’m looking to come close to making a decision in the next few weeks.’ Any contract signed would have to have an out-clause so there was still the option to return to the NBA when the lockout ended, Mills said While the lockout was a distraction, Mills said his main focus was on the Boomers and their upcoming Olympic qualification series against New Zealand in September. ‘All these rumours with the lockout are obviously going on, but my main focus at the moment is with the Boomers and preparing for the New Zealand series,’ Mills said.”