Pau Gasol Gently Throws the Laker Bench Under the Bus

by March 03, 2009

It’s all your fault, Bench Mob: “In the meantime, Pau Gasol offered a fairly blunt assessment of the Lakers’ so-called Bench Mob, which played another disjointed game in Sunday’s 118-111 loss to the Phoenix Suns. ‘Youth is a factor,’ he said without naming names. ‘Maybe there’s a little bit of a lack of maturity and experience at some points. I think we all have to understand our roles, whatever that role is, and what is best for the team and understand what you need to do, not what you like to do. Some nights, it might be getting three steals and giving four assists instead of scoring 10 points or 15 points. Some nights those points are going to be needed. It’s just a matter of understanding that and doing the best for the team, and sacrificing yourself sometimes, which some players are more willing to do. For some players, it’s a little harder for them to understand.'”