Pau Gasol is ‘Overworked’

by December 03, 2010

Pau Gasol has been a machine lately. Gasol is averaging 39.4 minutes per game this season, and 43.4 minutes in the last five games, and he’s finally enduring the wrath. From “Gasol missed 17 games a season ago because of strains to both his left and right hamstrings. Gasol said his current hamstring injury is a “lesser degree” and “not comparable” to the ones he suffered last season, but added, ‘I think it’s been a little bit of a warning here. It’s letting me know.’ If the warning is that Gasol’s been playing too many minutes, Lakers head coach Phil Jackson doesn’t seem to be heeding it. ‘Phil pointed out today [that] I’m only averaging two more minutes than I did last year, [so] what are we talking about?’ Gasol said. ‘It’s only two minutes.’ Gasol is averaging 39.4 minutes per game this season, up from 37.0 minutes a season ago, but he’s averaged 43.4 minutes in the last five games. ‘[I’m] concerned, but he’s a pretty resilient player,’ Jackson said. ‘We think he can come back and play.’ Said Gasol: ‘[I’m] pretty much overworked. The muscles are overworking a little bit too much. My body is compensating for other things and the hamstring is the one to suffer the most.’ Gasol’s injury is only part of the team’s problems. There’s also that whole four-game losing streak business to figure out.”