Paul George Can’t Wait to Face the Miami Heat in the Playoffs

by February 13, 2014

Indiana Pacers star Paul George is one very confident fella. And like everyone else, George is impatiently waiting for what seems like an inevitable matchup with the defending NBA champion Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Per USA Today:

Paul George long envisioned this, being an NBA MVP candidate and All-Star.

The Indiana Pacers small forward said he always thought he had it in him.

“I did expect it,” he said, unwavering in his confidence and ability. “I just didn’t expect it to come around this fast.”

“Now it’s wanting to have a legacy. A lot of guys, they just do it for the time being. For me, it’s about building a legacy. I feel like I can be one of the best players in this league and one of the best players to play this game as far as both sides of the floor. I feel like every year I get better, every year I learn something new, and I don’t plan on stopping.”

And while he knows first things first, he can’t help but think about a Heat-Pacers playoff rematch.

“To be honest,” George said, “I wish we could speed it up to that.”