Paul George: ‘Kobe Is The Second Coming of MJ’

by December 14, 2014

The LA Daily News ran a pretty cool piece this weekend about Kobe Bryant’s role as a mentor to some of the NBA’s young stars, including Kevin Durant, John Wall, Klay Thompson and Paul George. In particular, George noted that he thinks Kobe has had a similar impact on the League to that of Michael Jordan in his era. Check out the full quote:

“It’s so hard to compare anyone to Michael, but I think it’s fair to say Kobe is the second coming of MJ,” said Indiana Pacers forward Paul George, who grew up watching Bryant while playing for Knight High in Palmdale. “Kobe has transcended the league the same way I felt Michael did.” …


Bryant contacted George shortly after fracturing his right leg with USA Basketball this summer, offering sympathy and encouraging him to devote his on-court absence toward film study.