Paul George: Team USA ‘Can’t Continue Playing Like This’

by August 13, 2016

After coming away with two narrow wins against Australia and Serbia, the US Men’s Basketball Team no longer looks like a heavy favorite to win the Gold medal.

The American team of NBA All-Stars has struggled to keep up with the constant movement and overall team play that’s so prevalent in international competition.

Paul George did not mince words about the US’ struggles after the game, saying that the US is too often reverting to “hero ball.”

PG also mentioned that “it just comes down to a trust factor,” so there clearly are issues to be worked out internally. Read more from USA Today:

“As good as we are, we can’t continue to keep playing like this,” George said. “We’re still scoring 100 points taking one-on-five shots, but we’re too good for that. The toughest part is that each and every one of us is confident with the ball in our hands that we can make those shots. It just comes down to a trust factor, not letting one guy have that feeling that he has to do it alone.”