Paul Pierce Calls Bradley Beal the ‘Top Two-Guard in All of the East’

Paul Pierce says Bradley Beal has taken Dwyane Wade‘s spot as the Eastern Conference’s best shooting guard.

Pierce believes Beal should be named to the All-Star squad this season.

Beal, 24, is putting up a career-best 25.7 points, pulling down 4.7 rebounds and handing out 3.1 assists

Per NBC Sports Washington:

“It’s playing with an edge, as I like to call it,” Pierce said. “That’s what you’ve seen more in Brad and that’s what has made him a better player, I believe. I told him when he starts playing with that edge, ‘it’s going to make you a better player.’ You’ve gotta go out there and feel like you’re the best and this guy can’t guard you. It’s gotta be that mindset. It’s all a mindset. This has nothing to with showing that you’re tougher than this guy or having to fight, it’s just a mindset when you come out here.”


Pierce made headlines earlier this season when he proclaimed John Wall as the best point guard in the NBA.


He thinks Beal is the best at his position in the Eastern Conference.


“I think he should be an All-Star this year without a doubt,” Pierce explained. “With Dwyane Wade holding that crown for years, being the top two-guard, I think Bradley Beal should be holding that crown now as the top two-guard in all of the East.”