Paul Pierce Considering Retirement After Wizards’ Crushing Loss

Paul Pierce has 6 million reasons to return to the Wizards next season, but after Washington’s crushing Game 6 defeat, Pierce said he doesn’t know if he’ll be back for his 18th season. The 37-year-old will weigh his options with his family before making his decision.

From the Washington Post:

“Truthfully, what was going through my mind is, I don’t have too much of these efforts left, if any,” Pierce said. “These rides throughout the NBA season, throughout the playoffs, are very emotional. They take a lot out of not only your body, but your mind, your spirit.”


“I don’t even know if I’m going to play basketball anymore,” Pierce said.


“It affects not only you, but the people around you,” Pierce said. “Days like this, you go home and you’re around your family, you don’t feel like talking to them or doing anything because of what the game does. It takes a bit out of you. You go home, and it’s not a good day. It affects the people around you. It’s tough. People think you just play basketball, go home and your body is sore. No. Mentally, the people around you, it affects. I know I’ll go home and won’t have any words for my wife or my mom. Probably the only thing that can through to me right now is my kids. They bring me joy.”