Paul Pierce May Be A (Golf) Addict

by September 19, 2010

From Paul Pierce’s personal blog on “People always ask me what I like to do for fun. Of course, I always say play basketball. For me, basketball is my number one hobby. I love everything about the game – from fun scrimmages with my buddies, to hours analyzing tape on how we can improve as a team. I am truly fortunate to say I love my job, and I can’t imagine it being any different.  That being said, of course I have plenty of other activities I enjoy…This past summer I took golf lessons and really got into the game, which will be my second sport (if things go well). I think I may be addicted; the problem is, it’s so hard to be consistent and I’m so competitive! I’m surrounded by golf though, so I just decided to get out there take lessons. So, to all my teammates who’ve been talkin a lot of smack, you better watch out, I’ll be comin for you….Bowling is another activity that I really enjoy. You may not break a sweat but it’s better than just sitting on the couch watching TV. In the summer, I would try to go a few times a week. It looks like we are going to move forward with my Truth Strikes Again benefit again this year at King’s. I’m excited about it. It’s always a great event and raises money for my Truth Foundation, which is 100% focused on fighting childhood obesity.”