Paul Pierce on the Celtics’ Lofty Goals

by May 14, 2010

Pierce had a great reaction when asked about how proud his team was of beating the Cavs in the Playoffs. Paul said the Celtics’ aim is much higher than simply taking down LeBron and co.: “I’m really not that proud of this,’ said Pierce. ‘Because our goal is to win a championship. We didn’t say we were going to come into this year and beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the playoffs. Our goal is a championship. We can be excited for one night, winning a game and a series, but I don’t look at this like it made our season. The only thing that’s going to make our season is winning a championship. We have those type of goals around here. You look at some teams, they get moral victories for hanging around in a series or winning one series. Not here in Boston. We get excited when we put that banner up.”‘