Paul Westphal Unhappy With Omri Casspi’s Criticism

by April 06, 2011

Casspi more or less asked to be traded from the Kings, and took shots at his head coach. Paul Westphal had a chance to reply. From the Sac Bee: “Casspi said his intent wasn’t to cause problems and that he will continue to work hard and wait his turn to play. ‘I haven’t played in a while and coach came up to me and told me he’s going in different direction – and he’s not going my direction,’ Casspi said. ‘So I’m not mad at nobody or trying to cry about not playing, but it is what it is. So hopefully I’ll be in a better situation next year.’ Wespthal said he understands Casspi’s frustration. Casspi has started 27 games this season so not playing isn’t easy. But Francisco García has been the most consistent starter at small forward. Donté Greene is also playing well. ‘He’s saying the truth the way he sees it,’ Westphal said. ‘I don’t agree with in particular his statement that he wants to go to a team where team play is important. Maybe that was lost in translation but that’s kind of a ridiculous statement.'”