Peja Stojakovic Contemplating Retirement?

by October 07, 2010

Yes, Peja’s apparently still in the League. Though, perhaps for not very much longer, according to the Hornets’ official website: “Stojakovic’s games-missed tally during his other three years with the club: 69, 21 and 20. The native of Serbia, who turned 33 in June and is in the final year of a five-year contract, now says that his health will determine how much longer he decides to play in the NBA. Stojakovic actually began playing professionally in Europe as a teenager, meaning he has a significant amount of wear and tear on his body after an additional dozen NBA seasons. He says his outlook on the future will depend partly on how he feels following the upcoming 82-game grind. ‘This is my 13th season, so I can say that I really want to go through this year pain-free,’ Stojakovic said. ‘Next year I’m going to be 34, so I will sit down and make a decision on my next move in life, whether I am going to continue to play, which I would love to under one condition: that I’m healthy and that I feel physically right to continue.’ Is it possible, then, that this might be his last season in the league? ‘I don’t want to think about it,’ he said. ‘It’s very hard for any athlete to think about that. I’m just approaching this year as another year in the NBA. I know that as the year goes by, you take hits on your body and you’ve got to accept that and make adjustments and roll with it.’ Despite the misfortune and injuries that have hampered him during his Hornets tenure, Stojakovic says he will always be grateful to have been able to play in the NBA for over a decade, a relatively rare feat in the league. He enters 2010-11 with 771 career NBA games under his belt, as well as 26,000-plus minutes.”