Perkins on Refs: They Don’t Like Us

by Marcel Mutoni

The local media started it, and now some of the Celtics players themselves are joining in the accusation that the men with the whistles are somehow against the team in green and white.

When asked for his opinion of what’s going on in the Bulls/Celtics, currently tied at 2 games apiece, Kendrick Perkins directed the blame for the C’s struggles at who else…the refs.

The Boston Herald reports:

“I don’t think the refs like the Boston Celtics,” he said after yesterday’s practice.

When asked why, Perkins also was careful to indict his team. “I don’t know,” he said, breaking into a smile. “We’ve got a lot of talkers on this team, if you know what I mean.” Perkins is one of them.

He has developed a look of disbelief – an aghast glare that mirrors the one patented by Tim Duncan following a whistle – that accompanies just about every call.

Perkins fouled out in the previous game (as did the Bulls’ Brad Miller.) Perk’s coach, naturally, still believes the refs aren’t giving his bigs a fair shake when it comes to moving screens.

With the series shifting back to Beantown for a pivotal Game 5, the need to work the refs on and off the court is more than understandable; one wishes, though, that the Celtics would take a page out of Chicago’s book, and simply let their play speak for them.