Peter Vecsey’s Bitter HOF Speech

Needless to say, the Hall of Fame has probably never seen (and heard) anything like this from an honoree: “He seemed to have no notes. No thoughts. No … nothing. He began not by expressing his appreciation, but by rattling off all the shunned players he believed belonged in the Hall. From there, he just … babbled. About this. About that. He seemed to be drunk, but I don’t think he was … He used language one doesn’t use in a Hall speech. He called out people’s names (‘Calvin Murphy! Tiny Archibald!’), and you could literally see the man squirming in their seats. I was sitting about 10 feet from David Stern, who—throughout the ceaseless banter—dismissively shook his head while checking his Blackberry. Jordan, the star of the weekend, walked out. Just left, and never returned.”