Phil Jackson: Lakers Are Currently a ‘B’ Team

by January 14, 2011

The Zen fella gives the defending champs a passing mark but sees plenty of room for improvement. The Daily News has the quotes: “We’re definitely a ‘B’ team right now,’ Lakers coach Phil Jackson said Thursday, a little more than 24 hours before they face the New Jersey Nets at Staples Center. ‘We have room for improvement.’ Indeed, it looked like it might be a bumpy road for the Lakers (29-11) after they lost three in a row and four of six last month before suddenly finding some rhythm and confidence during their current winning streak. ‘We’re not displeased where we’re are, but we’re unhappy we had some consecutive losses,’ Jackson said, referring to losing streaks of three and four games. ‘What I like is we’ve gotten their attention. They’re starting to be attentive on defense. And they know they have the opportunity to be a really good team.'”