Phil Jackson Reportedly Holding a ‘Triangle Seminar’ for the Knicks

by April 20, 2016

New York Knicks team president Phil Jackson continues to shove the Triangle Offense down his team’s throat.

The Zen Master is said to be holding secret training sessions this week with the hope of getting some of his players to buy into the famed system.

Interim coach Kurt Rambis is reportedly helping run the mini-camp.

Per the NY Daily News:

According to a league source, the two practices are being described as a “triangle seminar” in which Jackson and interim head coach Kurt Rambis will watch film and continue teaching the Knicks an antiquated offense that Jackson is intent on running despite many of the players’ reluctance to embrace it.


Not every player will attend the camp. It is unclear if Carmelo Anthony, who did not sound pleased following his exit meeting with Jackson last week, will participate. Newly signed Tony Wroten is expected to attend along with rookies Kristaps Porzingis and Jerian Grant as well as Langston Galloway and Jose Calderon.


Although the Knicks were 22-22 at one point last season under (Derek) Fisher and despite Rambis having a lower winning percentage than Fisher, Jackson praised his long-time friend for being committed to the triangle. […] “They had an immersion in the triangle,” Jackson said last week. “When Kurt started coaching the team they started executing it with more structure. We saw some progress. But we have to make the next step. We have a limited amount of resources that we can deal with. If you’re in an arms races and you go out and get a hydrogen bomb and it may not be enough and you got to go plutonium. It’s great if you get in an arms race. We’re not in an arms race. We’re in a skills race. So that’s what we’re working toward: getting players skilled enough to perform in this game. Unfortunately we can’t go out and the Lakers and some other team may have $60 million to chase with. That’s not where we’re at. We’re about getting quality skill players.”

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