Phil Jackson Unhappy With All-Star Voting

by January 04, 2010

Sigh. Get in line, Phil: “Pau Gasol is fourth among Western Conference forwards in All-Star voting, trailing Carmelo Anthony,  Dirk Nowitzki and  Tim Duncan, but Jackson doesn’t care. In fact, he seems to be losing faith in the voting system. ‘I think Houston might have all their players in the top five at every position,’ Jackson said. ‘That Chinese fan group, they vote for the Houston team because of Yao Ming and their relationship to Houston. It’s all skewed.’ Jackson’s only partly correct. Tracy McGrady is second among West guards, but Aaron Brooks is sixth among guards, Trevor Ariza is sixth among West forwards and Luis Scola is seventh among forwards. Jackson had one more complaint. ‘Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady … they haven’t even played this year,’ he said. ‘Allen’s played a few games so it’s kind of askew to suggest that the voting is something to count on.”‘