Phil Jackson Will Meet With the Lakers Again Sunday or Monday

by November 11, 2012

At this point, it appears the Lakers and Phil Jackson may be past step one and onto the following steps, in which they figure out some logistical concerns Phil may have about accepting the head coach gig. Yahoo! has the report: “After meeting with Phil Jackson on Saturday, the Los Angeles Lakers are exploring ways to address some of his travel and work concerns to convince him to return for a third stint as their head coach, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. ‘It is Phil’s job to decline,’ a source with knowledge of the talks told Yahoo! Sports. ‘So the real question is does he really want to do this for two more years knowing what he has done and not having any regrets? Only he knows that answer.’ Those who have seen Jackson and spoken with him recently say he looks rested and in good shape, but still has concerns about the lengthy travel an NBA schedule requires, sources said. Some possible solutions, sources said, would be to allow his assistant coaches to coach some games and run shootarounds. Jackson is expected to meet again with Lakers officials on Sunday or Monday, a source said. Bernie Bickerstaff will again coach the Lakers in Sunday night’s game against the Sacramento Kings.”