Pistons Team Source: Rip Hamilton ‘Quit on Us’

by December 21, 2010

More and more, Hamilton‘s days in Motown appear to be numbered. The Detroit News has the latest: “Hamilton’s non-participation in Saturday’s practice, along with his upset stomach that caused him to miss Sunday’s game and complaints about his diminished role have led some in the organization to wonder if Hamilton has quit on the Pistons. Hamilton’s been on the trading block for two years, and he would like a change of scenery. And, on Sunday, just before a game against the New Orleans Hornets, Hamilton, who was replaced in the starting lineup over the weekend by Ben Gordon, told the team he had an upset stomach and could not play. After the game, a number of people associated with the team questioned his ‘upset stomach.’ Team president Joe Dumars has said he is having trouble making deals because the team is for sale, but if Hamilton doesn’t take coming off the bench well, the situation could become untenable. With the recent trades around the league, it shows the market is opening up. ‘If I need to have a long talk with him, I will,’ Dumars said Monday on WDFN. ‘I’ll see how Rip is doing tomorrow when he gets in here. Rip’s been good for me.'”