By Sam Rubenstein

snogThe Boston Celtics have made some solid off-season moves. This signing is of an undrafted rookie, and is therefore inconsequential compared to the others. However…

In the past there’s been lots of joking like “Ha ha, the Celtics sure do like to bring in the white guys.” And now they’ve got the greatest thing from West Virginia since White Chocolate, the E BOY himself. The Celtics have been Pittsnoggled!

Wally and Scalabrine are still there, but if this was part of the master plan, then why did they trade LaFrentz and Dickau? (And speaking of those two, have you checked out the Blazers web site lately? Best in the league, hands down.)

Nothing will ever top the Scalabrine signing, considering he has the flaming red hair of the Irish and they gave him a pot of gold. But this is pretty close. I do not know much about Pittsnoggle, other than he was one of the better players in the Big East, he hit a lot of huge threes over the course of two NCAA tourney runs, and he plays hurt. This past March he hit that monster three against Texas with cotton soaking up the blood from his latest busted nose.

This is one of the great overused phrases in history, but “Larry Bird is not walking through that door.” I would LOVE to see his brain typologist results.