Players Union Not Willing to Accept Bad Deal to Avoid Lockout

by June 24, 2011

So, even more good news regarding the seemingly inevitable lockout … *Sigh*: “We’d love to avoid a lockout, but we’re unified in the sense of not being afraid if that’s what we’re faced with,’ the Lakers guard said. Player representatives from each team were in town for their summer meeting and were updated on the state of negotiations with owners. The collective bargaining agreement expires June 30, and the sides remain far apart headed into another session Friday. Garnett and Paul Pierce from the Celtics, the Clippers’ Griffin, the Hornets’ Chris Paul and Jason Terry of the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks were among the 60 players who joined Fisher at the front of the news conference. Garnett said owners want ‘control.’ ‘It’s unfortunate, to be honest, because we have great momentum right now,’ said Garnett, whose massive contract in Minnesota was a catalyst for the changes owners sought that led to the 1998 lockout. ‘I think the league is, as far as anticipation and the leading stories and the careers that you can follow, you know Dirk (Nowitzki) finally winning, I mean there’s multiple stories that are intriguing right now and it’s just unfortunate that we’re all going through this right now to sort of slow that down.’ The sides swapped proposals Tuesday, but that brought them no closer.”