Popovich on Thunder’s Run: ‘It’s Like a Hollywood Script’

by June 07, 2012

Gregg Popovich has watched Sam Presti rise from Spurs intern to Thunder GM, constructing a Spurs-like front office and Spurs-like team. Even after last night’s demoralizing Game 6 loss, Pop’s post-game remarks were laced with hints of pride (via Daily Thunder): “Gregg Popovich on OKC’s run: ‘As sad and disappointed as we are, you really have to think about it’s almost like a Hollywood script for OKC in a sense. They went through Dallas, last year’s champion, then they went through the Lakers, then they went through us. Those three teams represent 10 of the last 13 championships … I don’t know if anybody has ever had a run or gone through a playoff playing those kinds of teams. It’s just incredible and I think it’s pretty cool for them.'”