Quincy Pondexter Got a Date With Miss Tennessee Over Twitter

by May 30, 2013

Athletes trying to score dates online is nothing new, some just go about it in more creative ways than others. Take Memphis Grizzlies forward Quincy Pondexter, for instance, who cleverly and gallantly got the winner of the latest Miss Tennessee contest (Chandler Lawson) to agree to go on a date with him over some Twitter banter. Per the Herald Sun: “Perhaps feeling he had nothing to lose after his team had been bundled out of the NBA playoffs, Memphis Grizzlies forward Quincy Pondexter posed the question to his tens of thousands of followers by simply asking ‘Who won Miss Tennessee this year?’ You can guess where it all went from there. It turns out last year’s pageant winner, Chandler Lawson, not only was on Twitter but seemed quite the Grizzlies fan. Pondexter and Miss Tennessee went on to exchange a bit of banter before seemingly locking in a meeting.”