Raja Bell Close to College Degree

by October 19, 2010

Bell is just a credit shy of being a college graduate. And somehow, Isiah Thomas is involved in this story, as the Salt Lake Tribune reports: “Bell is one mathematics credit away from obtaining a degree in sports management from Florida International University. It has been 11 years since he was a Panther. Eleven years since he dropped his focus on school and picked up the dream of making the NBA. But with the help of the university and men’s basketball coach Isiah Thomas, the Jazz guard is expected to soon finish what he started. ‘I understand there are people that it means something to,’ Bell said. Those people are his parents. Bell’s mother was an elementary school teacher. His father was a physical education coach before becoming the associate athletic director at the University of Miami. After a few years of gentle reminders from his dad, Bell has finally heard the music. Balancing NBA life with occasional online courses, the Miami resident has knocked out all but one of his remaining classes during the last two years.”