Rajon Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins Had a ‘Powerful Meeting’ With George Karl

Meetings are all the rage in Sacramento, it seems.

Rajon Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins summoned Kings head coach George Karl to a three-man pow wow last week, and the point guard reports that it was a “powerful” one.

Rondo says he’s very happy with the outcome of the two-hour sitdown, and that Karl is open to his players’ ideas and suggestions.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

“It was a powerful meeting for all three of us,” Rondo said. […] Rondo said he had been hoping in recent weeks to get a meeting with just himself, Karl and Cousins, adding that the discussion felt “natural” and Karl was receptive, positive and open-minded. Rondo and Cousins were also able to get some lingering frustrations off their chest, and Karl offered back his thoughts.


“We asked him to just sit with us so we can pick his brain and share our thoughts,” Rondo said. “What I love about [Karl] is he’s very open. George is not a dictator. ‘What can we do positively? What can we do to improve?’ If you can come into a meeting with no egos and everyone was humble, it just works out for the better.”


“I told him to start with me. Whatever I can do to help the team,” Rondo said. “If you have to bully me or call me out, I can accept that. I’m a 10-year vet. I learned from [former Boston Celtics coach] Doc [Rivers] and the past guys that it has to start with the vets who have the most leeway on the team or the most responsibility. [Cousins and I] are both trying to change the culture, change the organization.” […] Cousins said: “We’re just trying to correct every mistake we have. We want to be a winning team, and I feel it starts with myself on down to Rondo as well.”

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